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The Beginning
Since Levi was about 3 years old wrestling has been a big part of his life. In school he was known as the crazy kid who was super focused on wrestling and training. One time he was spotted with his buddy Cody Reeves driving along side him playing rocky music in his car while he carried a log up the hill. The funny part is they were completely serious and this type of thing was the normal for him.

Levi went on to wrestle in college at the division one level at Boise State University. In college he was a 3x NCAA Qualifier coming from the Pac 10 conference. Their team won 3 pac 10 titles in college and were ranked the #2 team in the country Levi's junior year. Levi was also ranked #2 in the country that same year at 141lbs.
Work Life
After College, Levi quickly followed in his fathers footsteps. His father Scott Jones was a wrestling coach for 26 years, so you could say it was in his blood. Levi and his wife headed to Arizona his first D1 wrestling job coaching at Arizona State University. Shortly after he had an opportunity to come back to his alma mater.

In short, life had some unexpected challenges in Boise, ID and he actually found himself forced to get into a job in order to properly provide for family. Levi found a job for potato sales in Idaho of all things! I sold potatoes around the world and took a small business from negative 20k in the whole per month to a little over 12 million in sales in 2.5 years.

Levi's passion was missed tremendously and thats when his dream job coaching at Boise State opened up. Shortly after, out of nowhere the Boise State President announces he is dropping wrestling and adding baseball. In the moment this was an absolute dream crusher. Today he's able to shift his perspective and find a new way to provide to the wrestling world. He then authored the ALL IN JOURNAL and decided to bring the ALL IN WRESTLING SYSTEM to the web for every coach, parent, and wrestler to use and grow. Now thousands of wrestlers use the journal to set goals and dominate life.
Family Life
Levi is happily married to his wife and love of his life Lauren Jones. Together Levi and Lauren have a son named Scott one year old and another boy on the way. They love to travel the world, compete in running and obstacle races, hike with their kids and dog!
Each summer ALL IN hits the road around the North West running wrestling clinics for Free and making impacts in kids lives.

The focus is to give passion, energy, and knowledge through the sport of wrestling to make an impact on and off the mat.

Thousands of wrestlers are now journaling, setting goals, creating new habits, and using the ALL IN WRESTLING SYSTEM. 

ALL IN is working on a new idea called ALL IN Athlete where they will soon be taking this goal setting mentorship to the next level providing tools for all sports around the world.

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The ALL IN WRESTLING SYSTEM is one of the most simple to install systems for wrestling in the market. Their have been thousands of wrestlers use this system and it is probably one of the faster growing wrestling services in the country as it is today.

The ALL IN Team is now represented as an organization that has produced numerous State Placers and State Champions. Most recently adding to the Wall of Fame was 5 new Fargo All Americans and a Pan American Champion.

The skill sets that are being developed using the ALL IN Wrestling System has produced over 30 wrestlers now to go on and wrestle at the next level in college. The fundemental wrestling skills developed and built in this system are the exact skills that college coaches around the country are looking for.

Probably the most exciting part about the system is little guy, and middle school coaches are now using the system and its going to be amazing to hear the results from these coaches in just a few years time. This system was built for wrestlers of all levels and its being proven all around the country.
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